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Immigration Law in the UK is ever changing and can be very complex with a multitude of rules, policies and guidelines governing each individual case.


At Cader Solicitors, our immigration lawyers aim is to provide you with clear, concise and jargon-free advice to ensure that the process is made as simple as possible for you. Our Immigration Team have over eight years' experience in this field. We will carry out a full assessment of your circumstances and offer you honest and practical advice on how to achieve the required outcome.


We offer advice assistance and representation on the following (please click on the relevant section below to be redirected to the part of our site that best suits your needs):

- Spousal Visa

- Extension of a stay as a Spouse

- Entry clearance as a Spouse

- ILR Spouse Visa

- Unmarried Partner Visa

- Switching into Unmarried Partner Visa

- Extension of Stay as an Unmarried Partner

- Switching into Spouse/Civil/Unmarried Partner under 10 year Route to Settlement

- Renewal of Partner Visa under 10 year Route to Settlement

- Fiancé (e) Visa UK

- Family Visitor Visa UK

- General Visitor Visa UK

- Visitor for Marriage/Civil Partnership

- Visitor in Transit Visa UK

- Application for a British Passport

- Naturalisation as a British Citizen

- Discretionary Leave to Remain

- Discretionary Leave to Remain under Article 8 ECHR:

   - Subject Access Request to Home Office 

   - TOC Application

   - NTL Application

In straightforward cases, we can offer fixed fees. Our fixed fees only cover the cost of preparing and making the application. Should an appeal or challenge be necessary, we will agree separate fees with you.



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