Fixed Fee Costs...

At Cader’s we recognise that the level of legal costs involved can be a real concern for clients. In order to provide you with as much transparency as possible and to enable us to agree a clear payment plan at the outset, we offer a fixed fee service in many areas and can provide you with more information on request.


For convenience we also offer a number of ways to provide instructions, by meeting face to face, on the telephone or email. We have a modern approach to the legal role and take full advantage of technology to provide an efficient service. Our solicitors are only ever a click or telephone call away.

We offer ‘unbundling legal’ Services

Unbundled legal services are becoming a popular and more affordable way to help separating families proceed through a separation or divorce with less stress and better results and cost effective. 

The specific tasks could involve writing letters, drafting documents, helping clients to negotiate or preparing them for court hearings. It could involve legal research, a second opinion, representation at court or helping the client to represent him/herself.

A Solicitor who offers unbundled services will only do tasks you agree on in advance, and they’ll only charge you for those tasks and work as a team to develop a plan to address your legal problem. Then you’ll identify the tasks that you can do and those you want the Solicitor to take on. The plan can be crafted to suit your budget and the tasks allotted to suit your skills and comfort levels.

A note of caution - unbundling may not be right for everyone or for every problem. Unbundling means breaking down a complex problem into a list of tasks or activities, and dividing them between you and the Solicitor. You will still be representing yourself without a Solicitor for the tasks you take on. So before you decide to unbundle it’s helpful to ask yourself some hard questions to make sure it will work for you. Please contact us if you wish to proceed with this service.



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