General Visitor Visa UK

General visitors are those who are coming for tourism, a holiday or to visit family. The family members of General visitor cannot apply as his/her dependants and they will need to make separate applications to come to the UK as General Visitors.

The applicant must:

- be genuinely seeking entry as a general visitor for a period not exceeding six months or 12 months for a visitor coming to an archaeological excavation in the UK
- leave the UK at the end of the period of the visit
- maintain and accommodate themselves and any dependants without using public funds
- Meet the cost of the return or onward journey.


The applicant must not:

- take employment in the UK
- produce goods or provide services within the UK
- intend to undertake a course of study
- be a child under the age of 18
- intend to marry or form a civil partnership
- intend to give notice of marriage or civil partnership
- intend to receive private medical treatment
- be in transit to a country outside the common travel area.


Entry clearance is mandatory only for visa nationals as non-visa nationals are granted leave to enter as General Visitors upon arrival at a UK port. Both visa nationals and non-visa nationals have to meet the same kind of requirements to come to the UK as General Visitors whether it is entry clearance as visa nationals or leave to enter upon arrival at a UK port of entry as non-visa nationals. Intention to return to country of nationality is the most common reason for refusal of entry clearance or leave to enter in General Visitor category.

A general visitor granted less than six months leave when they entered the UK can be granted an extension of stay to bring their total stay up to six months.

It is possible to apply for leave to remain for a period beyond six months if one or more of the following criteria are met:

- there are compassionate grounds, for example, the illness of a close relative
- the visitor falls in a category allowed a total stay of up to 12 months
- the applicant is unable to obtain a flight, but the application was made within the original period of leave and they can produce a ticket with a confirmed flight booking.


Judicial Review Against Refusal of General Visitor Visa Application

There is no right of appeal against the refusal of an application for entry clearance as a General Visitor and the refusal can only be challenged by way of Judicial Review in High Court. An application for permission to apply for Judicial Review must be lodged in High Court within 90 days of the date of the refusal of the application.

What we can do for you 

If instructed to represent you regarding your application for UK Visa as General Visitor, we will do the following work for you:

- Take detailed Instructions from you and advise you about the relevant immigration laws and procedures to be adopted by the British Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in your application for UK Visa as a General Visitor;
- Discuss your immigration case in detail with you and advise you about the weaknesses and strengths of your entry clearance application as a General Visitor;
- Advise you about the documentary evidence to be submitted in support of your application for UK Visit Visa as a General Visitor;
- Consider contents of the documentary evidence to be submitted in support of the application and discuss the same with you and/or your sponsor;
- Complete the relevant immigration form and discuss the same with you and/or your UK sponsor;
- Prepare a covering letter to introduce and support the application for UK Visit Visa as a General Visitor;
- Liaise with the British Embassy/High Commission/Consulate for an expeditious decision on your application for General Visitor Visa;
- Protect your interests while your application is pending with the UK Border Agency and keep you informed of the progress on your immigration matter.
- Follow up work until decision is reached on your application for General Visitor Visa;
- Advise you about the implications of the Home Office decision on your application.


Our Fee for General Visitor Visa/Tourist Visa

We will charge you a fee from £250.00 for our professional immigration services in relation to your application for entry clearance (visa) for the UK as a General Visitor. The agreed fee will depend on the complexity of the matter and the casework involved in the matter.

The agreed fee will cover all our work until decision by the UKBA on the entry clearance application. However, it is pertinent to note that the agreed fee will not cover any disbursements to be incurred by us on your behalf e.g. translation of documents, Home Office fee etc.



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